Do You Need a Better HEALTH, Improved POSTURE, Good BALANCE…and MENTAL and SPIRITUAL Rejuvenation?


But You resent Going to the Gym and resent Doing
High Impact Exercises.  Is this all the doctors can advise?

You know the feeling…each day goes by without positive action…and you get further behind! Thinking of going to the gym or doing boring repetitive exercises at home makes you FEEL SICK. Nothing seems to work… depressing…Is this your fate?  
traditional chinese art

Tai Chi and Qi Gong

This traditional Chinese art taught by a traditional Chinese teacher Chunmei Yang.  Here are the benefits:

Practice it ANYWHERE, even outside on a beautiful day,

Gentle exercise to activate the muscles and strengthen the bones WITHOUT IMPACT,

Extended movements that promote FLEXIBILITY and BALANCE,

Develop MIND/BODY COORDINATION with each movement done for a specific reason,

Your MIND DEVELOPS with the cultural story behind the sequences,

It is ‘meditation-in-movement’ to RELIEVE stress and PROMOTE life harmony,

Your BREATHING WILL ADAPT to it quickly without conscious thought,

Practice to YOUR OWN LIMITS, increasing each day until super-fitness is reached,

NO EQUIPMENT required!

…And have FUN!


 WATCH the video below to discover more of this wonderful art. See the testimonials and then join us! And meet Chunmei Yang.

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Free Trial Class

Come to try your 1st Class FREE at Our Lady’s College Annerley.

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